About us

John Palmer, Alex Curtis and Ed Swabey – three directors and editors with a passion for filmmaking, founded Johnny Favourite in 2012.

Our intention? To bring the skill and discipline gained from feature films, commercials and TV dramas to the online world as well as the corporate sector.

Since then we have won national and international awards by creating powerful films for a wide range of leading brands, corporations, musicians and fashion houses.

With our combination of old school flair, new school attitude and all round good humour, Johnny Favourite provides you with award winning creative development, as well as highly scalable production services – all under the one roof.

We define ourselves as a video content agency, working closely with brands large and small, to deliver messaging through compelling narratives, online ads and information driven online content that will inform, engage and entertain any audience you care to choose.

If you think Johnny Favourite can help you better reach out to your audience, please get in contact via info@Johnnyfavourite.co.uk and we can discuss what video content would be right for you.

Left to right;
Creative partners
Edmund Swabey,
Alex Curtis,
John Palmer.

Photography by Kris Mesie

"Do you remember the name Johnny Favorite?"

Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel,
'Angel Heart' 1987.